Food : More then just calories.

It just so negative that the only thing we think about food is weather or not it will make us gain weight ? Is it fattening ?? but little did we pay attention on the fact that it helps you to nourish yourself.

The commercial food world has also played an important role in making or maintaining the fear as they have started labelling food with NO CARB , NO SUGAR , 0 FAT OR HIGH FAT which has forced us to have a negative view about it.

Yes, its important to know that eating food is not scary and its competely fine to enjoy a peice of chocolate or any Indian sweets.

To avoid confusion we will explain food by the importance and not by caloires.

Food is divided in major 3types of major nutrients I.e Carbohydrates, Protein , Fat and all are very much important to us for the functions what they do.

Carbohydrates – Its duties are similar to a head of a family as it provides the major sources of energy , helps metabolism to increase, better secretion of endorphins , helps protein metabolism and many many other things. Also to mention it also helps you to do an activity better. So in order to have a better workout its important to have a carb source in your diet.

Protein- Protein is the supporting character here as it helps the body to recover from damages , muscle wear and tear , its thermogenic in nature and hence it helps you to increase metabolism , helps building stamina also.

Fat – Fat is important for us. Yes you heard me well. Not all fat is bad for you the good ones should always be there in your diet as it helps to reduce the bad one, helps in smooth bowels movements, takes care of the organs and its functions , takes care of our skin texture and many other things.

Since now we know and understand that all 3 are important for our body to function well. Its important to focus ona balanced diet ( all 3 macros in it )

If we cut anyone out of the diet it will result as a shock to your body , but you wont be able to take it for long.

So when we talk about food and nutrition the next thing which comes up is the time at which you eat the food.

The time plays a very important role as what’s the point of having a hero if he wont come on time !!!.

Will discuss this further.

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