Why protein is needed.

Being surrounded with information is good but sometimes its misleading as well.
It’s a comman thing nowadays that if we are working out its seen that the same person will be asked to increase the protein intake. So we increase it and assume that when we workout then only it’s necessary to have protein intake.

But little do we know that it’s not so. Yes, you heard me right. As per the ideal body requirement mentioned by Indian Dietary Association ( IDA) 1 gm per kg is the requirement. So when we calculate eg: I weigh 75 kgs so it means 75 gms of protein is needed.

So now that we understood the maths behind the protein need. We can understand why its needed. Their are many functions what protein does in your body which includes the following:

• Wear and tear of your body :

The body needs protein for growth and maintainance of the body.Underregular situations, the body breaks down the exact amount of protein that it uses to build and repair tissues. Other times, it breaks down more protein than it can create, thus increasing your body’s needs.This usually occurs in the time of surgery done or breastfeeding.

  • Causes Chemical reactions:

Enzymes are nothing but protein which helps the bnody to run many chemical reaction which occurs in the body which inculdes digestion too.

Bodily functions that depend on enzymes include

  1. Digestion
  2. Energy production
  3. Blood clotting
  4. Muscle contraction
  • Maintains body PH : Your body can turn acidic or alkaline depending upon the food you take, But protein helps to maintain it in between 7 to 8.

Their are many more functions which can be written down which makes protein as a vital nutrient. Hence the comsumption is very important.

We can find protein in Dairy products, Non veg , Pulses , Dried fruits etc. But maintining 1 gm per kg is surely a task to do even for the non vegetarains. Hence its adviced to keep things easier an addition of a protein supplement which can take care of around 25-30 gms of your protein intake.


I have come accorss a brand which allows you to understand what you need to take which inculdes a basic protein and also a advanced protein tzype used for heavy trainers. Its easier and the compostion is also better for the begginers edition. Its YNB Beginners whey protein which is available at http://www.nutrifyt.com. Do go through it and check them out.protein

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