It’s not just for weight loss – GREEN TEA

Hi, Welcome back – Was not keeping well since a couple of days but back in action. Today would tell you about our best GREEN TEA- And its health benefits.


Green tea is renowned for its ability to help you lose weight; especially when you combine it with exercise.  And so it’s seen evidence that people have been adding a lot of green tea in their diet. But did you knew – It also has a lot of other benefits and a healthy dose of caffeine to give your health the boost it cannot get from coffee or black 

In fact, a recent study has proved that green tea helps alleviate insulin resistance and cognitive impairments that are induced by high-fat and high fructose diets. That among other things, here’s what else green tea can bring to the table by introducing it in your diet.

Detoxifies your body

The antioxidants in green tea help detoxify your system by hydrating and cleansing your body from unwanted toxins. The catechins, for instance, help reduce toxicity in your liver reducing the pressure on it, as your liver is the major detoxing organ in your body. 

Helps prevent kidney damage from toxicity

Green has been long known to detoxify the body. , But  it helps in removing toxicity and damage to the kidneys caused by the anti-cancer drug cisplatin.

It helps treat people with bone marrow dysfunction

A research conducted  revealed that a polyphenol found in green tea leaves can help tackle medical complications associated with bone-marrow 

It stabilizes cholesterol level

The catechins in green tea are known to reduce low-density (LDL) cholesterol levels in the body, which causes blockages in your arteries as well other cardiovascular diseases.

Results in healthier skin

The antioxidants in green tea help delay and to some extent prevent age-related conditions, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and damage from the sun. It also flushes out toxins from your skin leaving it healthy. 

It relieves you from physical and mental stress and fat

The polyphenols in green tea help boost your energy levels, increase your focus and alleviates stress. The presence of antioxidants also helps soothe your mind and body, improving your mood.

Boost your immune system

Compounds such as polyphenol and flavonoids help give your immune system a boost and help your body fight off infections. The antioxidants in it further protect your body from the free radicals that harm cells and tissues in your body

Removes and prevents the formation of phlegm

The polyphenols in green tea also have anti-bacterial properties in them that help in fighting off infection and reduce the formation of phlegm. Add a dash of honey to further enhance the anti-oxidant potency of the drink.

Improves brain function and protects the brain from disease

Green tea contains just the right amount to caffeine to give your memory a boost, but not as much a coffee to make you ‘jittery’—the common side effect associated with too much caffeine. Studies have also now revealed that the compound, catechin, can also help lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.


So next time when you have Green tea its not just helps you for weight loss. There’s a lot more to it !!

Do let me know if you have any comments and suggestions. Stay tuned.

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