Sunshine Vitamin D

Welcome back,

Today will talk to you about Vitamin D which is commonly known as sunrise vitamin D because it’s produced in your skin in response to sunlight. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin in a family of compounds that includes vitamins D-1, D-2, and D-3.

I choose this topic as nowadays its a FAD to have low vitamin D. We don’t have time to subject yourself to the sun rays (just too busy for it) Hence it’s affecting us big time.


Vitamin D is a very essential for many things in your body out of which will discuss 4 most important ones.

  • Keep your bone health strong-  Well its so that vitamin D is a precursor for calcium to get absorbed in your body. So if you dont have vitamin d the calcium will not get absorbed. Also, your bone health can deteriorate for the same reason. So keep a watch on the Vitamin D.
  • Prevents diseases-
    • reducing your risk of multiple sclerosis
    • decreasing your chance of developing heart disease
    • helping to reduce your likelihood of developing the flu
  • Keeps you happy – Did you know that Vitamin D helps fighting depression. Yes !! You heard it right. There have been enough papers published to understand that vitamin d helps people to get rid of depression and also keep yourself content.
  • Aids weight loss – So the people who struggle to lose weight TAKE A PAUSE AND GET YOUR BLOOD WORK DONE it can be possible that due to your vitamin D deficiency your not losing weight easily.

So now that we know about why is it important we should also know the sources of it –


Few foods contain vitamin D naturally. Because of this, some foods are fortified. This means that vitamin D has been added. Foods that contain vitamin D include:

  • salmon
  • sardines
  • egg yolk
  • shrimp
  • milk (fortified)
  • cereal (fortified)
  • yogurt (fortified)
  • orange juice (fortified)

It can be hard to get enough vitamin D each day through sun exposure and food alone, so taking vitamin D supplements can help.

With this would like to get the focus back on health as once we have all the things in a proper equilibrium our system will maintain a better health.



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