Ways to better your Metabolism


Welcome back to my blog in my yesterdays blog I spoke about how and why carb is not bad for you unlike whats known by people and today will show you ways to better your metabolism.

So lets ditch your calorie counted diet plans cause its ALL ABOUT METABOLISM.


We should better metabolism so that your whole body functions perfect. When I say functions its nothing but the absorption , breakdown of food , filtration , breathing , walking , thinking and all sort of functions what  THE FOOD FUELS.

Let me give you an example –  You service your car isn’t it ..? so that it works better. Same goes with our body and metabolism…

In other words, metabolism isn’t just a concern for people who feel like they need to shed a few pounds – and that’s something you should always remember

Here are – ways to better your metabolism in your day to day life-

  •  The 3 hour rule – Remember your body does so much inside you and hence it needs a lot of energy ( every 2-3 hrs ) If you don’t give the human cell its timely wadges aka food aka energy it lowers the speed of work ( lowers metabolism). So in order this doesn’t repeat we should always remember the 3 hr rule.
  • Protein rich food- Protein has a thermogenic nature  that means that the calories used to burn protein is much more and hence it makes the metabolism get better. Also as per the ideal requirement it should 1 gm per kg and if increased under expert guidance only.
  • Oxygen O2- Yes !! Breathing well will also help you better your metabolism as your body will have better oxygen and so will the system work better to break down food constituents.
  • Well hydrated-  Keeping your water intake high will help the body to flush out toxins well also the bodies ability to breakdown fat also gets better.
  • Exercise –  So as we age our rate decreases so to better the wear and tear of your body regular use of all the limbs is important. Do exercise a regular 30 mins each day so that it helps to boost up your immunity and also helps to ( increase the breakdown speeds – which means better metabolism.
  • Sleep well – Yes even sleeping better gets your system right.With all that work your body needs proper rest as well… 6-8 hrs of sleep is a must.!
  • The following are the food to eat to increase metabolism- So yes there are some specific food which helps to boost it –
  1. Almonds – Agreed high in calories don’t go over board but the fatty acids in them help to increase the metabolism.
  2.  Beans – They are generally rich in iron and iron helps you to transfer oxygen to muscles and breakdown fats and hence its needed.
  3.  Cinnamon – Also known as a blood thinner helps to better the metabolism.
  4. Chia seeds – Protein and fiber are the building blocks of your body and since chia seeds are good in both the things its a must to better your metabolism.
  5. Coffee – There is a regular suggestion to have a shot of clack coffee before the workout cause it is proven to give a energy kick better then sugar. It has caffeine which alerts and increases the blood flow.
  6.  Green tea – It has antioxidants called catechins (ECGC and polyphenols) which helps to increase fat breakdown.
  7. Grape fruit – This fruit is lately in demand after its link to a weight loss diet but lets know why – it has been proven to lower insulin levels. Its fiber contents are also helpful in boosting metabolism, and its vitamin C content helps your body stay healthy and your immune system work the way it should, both of which are essential to boosting your metabolism.

And many more things like having more spicy food – Jalapenos , bell peppers etc

So lets try to keep everything in mind as its all about to better the metabolism. Once our metabolism gets better the diseases which we generally term as metabolic disorder wont happen for sure… ( Like thyroid issues , Diabetes , Hormonal imbalance etc ). Lets keep our self away from it.







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