Food : More then just calories.

It just so negative that the only thing we think about food is weather or not it will make us gain weight ? Is it fattening ?? but little did we pay attention on the fact that it helps you to nourish yourself. The commercial food world has also played an important role in making … Continue reading Food : More then just calories.

Why protein is needed.

Being surrounded with information is good but sometimes its misleading as well. It's a comman thing nowadays that if we are working out its seen that the same person will be asked to increase the protein intake. So we increase it and assume that when we workout then only it's necessary to have protein intake. … Continue reading Why protein is needed.


 Hey Guys, Recently there has been a pretty big trend in social media of women focusing on leading a healthy lifestyle and in turn getting strong, not skinny. Now often trends within the health and fitness industry can cause someone like myself to cringe, but this is one when worded correctly I totally agree with. Now … Continue reading Be HEALTHY not SKINNY !!

Food Management while STRESSED

  Hey Welcome back, Today we talk about food options and stress as its a growing issue! A general survey on stress said they coped with stress by doing unhealthy things such as overindulging in alcohol and food and other self-destructive behaviors. I can guarantee these actions won't help them feel any better; in fact, … Continue reading Food Management while STRESSED

It’s not just for weight loss – GREEN TEA

Hi, Welcome back - Was not keeping well since a couple of days but back in action. Today would tell you about our best GREEN TEA- And its health benefits. Green tea is renowned for its ability to help you lose weight; especially when you combine it with exercise.  And so it's seen evidence that … Continue reading It’s not just for weight loss – GREEN TEA

Sunshine Vitamin D

Welcome back, Today will talk to you about Vitamin D which is commonly known as sunrise vitamin D because it’s produced in your skin in response to sunlight. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin in a family of compounds that includes vitamins D-1, D-2, and D-3. I choose this topic as nowadays its a FAD to have low … Continue reading Sunshine Vitamin D